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Our scientists engaged in cattle research

David Johnston (Principal Scientist)

David's research is focused on developing enhanced evaluation of reproduction traits enabling genomic selection that will drive increased rates of genetic improvement, particularly in tropically adapted breeds.

02 6773 2658


Kim Bunter (Principal Scientist)

Kim works on breeding program design, factors affecting mortality as well as reproduction and maternal performance.

02 6773 3788


Karin Meyer (Principal Scientist)

Statistical methodology in livestock improvement, especially variance component estimation. See didgeridoo for details.

02 6773 3331


Brad Walmsley (Livestock Research Officer)

Brad is responsible for the R&D in breeding objectives and selection indexes for beef cattle including the continued development and support of industry application of the BreedObject technology.

02 6773 3781


Kirsty Moore (Research Scientist)

Kirsty has a wide range of applied research experience which directly benefits and impacts industry. Her interests have been predominantly in beef but she has also worked in sheep, dairy & pigs.

02 6773 3773


Gilbert Jeyaruban (Principal Research Fellow)

Gilbert is involved in the research and development of BREEDPLAN for beef cattle genetic evaluation in Australia and overseas.

02 6773 2879


Natalie Connors (Senior Research Fellow)

Natalie is a computational biologist beginning a career in animal genetics, involved in improving the Horn/Poll test and genetic contribution programs.

02 6773 5268


Mohammad Ferdosi (Senior Research Fellow)

Mohammad is working on the development of new algorithms for analyzing the genome structure.

02 6773 5803


Sam Walkom (Senior Research Fellow)

Sam is part of the team which maintains the genetic evaluation of beef cattle within Breedplan. His role incorporates routine estimation of genetic parameters & development & inclusion of new traits.

02 6773 2183


Matt Wolcott (Scientist)

Matt works on Beef cattle genetic evaluation, looking at feed efficiency and its inclusion in selection programs, as well as real time ultrasound scanning for carcass and fertility traits in live cattle and sheep.

02 6773 3979





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