AGBU's Charter

AGBU was established as a co-operative research and development institute to further the application of genetics to the Australian livestock industry.

Serving Australian industries

Our purpose is to meet increasing industry demand for high impact research, applications development and training in livestock genetics. With 40 years of experience in livestock R&D, we provide Australia’s leading genetic evaluation systems for beef, sheep and pork. Our core services include:
• Software for genetic evaluation of both livestock and plants - working out the value of each individual’s genes
• R&D and consultancy for both livestock and plant industries
• Agricultural education and outreach

From a focus on beef cattle early on, our research and services have expanded to include sheep, pigs, dairy cattle, poultry, aquaculture species and trees, as well as honeybees. All our work involves direct engagement with organisations in agricultural value chains – particularly breeders and producers, but also including processing and retailing.

AGBU's Strategic Plan

AGBU's Strategic Plan 2019-29 is available for downloading.