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Kim Bunter (Principal Scientist)

Kim's research interests are predominantly in pigs, sheep and beef, but has also worked on developing breeding programs for ostriches and Sydney rock oysters.

02 6773 3788


Karin Meyer (Principal Scientist)

Statistical methodology in livestock improvement, especially variance component estimation. See didgeridoo for details.

02 6773 3331


Gilbert Jeyaruban (Principal Research Fellow)

Gilbert is involved in developing breeding programs for poultry, sheep, beef and dairy in developing countries.

02 6773 2879


Li Li (Senior Scientist)

Li is involved in the development and maintenance of TREEPLANĀ® and is analysing and developing genetic evaluation systems for crop species and genetic analysis for other plant and livestock data.

02 6773 3790


Natalie Connors (Senior Research Fellow)

Natalie is a computational biologist beginning a career in animal genetics, involved in the development of a number of different genetics programs for varous industries.

02 6773 5268


Mohammad Ferdosi (Senior Research Fellow)

Mohammad is working on the development of new algorithms for analyzing the genome structure.

02 6773 5803