Publications by Visiting Scientists

Jean-Michel Elsen - INRA, France

Elsen, J-M (2016). “Approximated prediction of genomic selection accuracy when reference and candidate populations are related.” Genetics Selection Evolution 48: 18 doi:10.1186/s12711-016-0183-3.

Pham Van Gioi - Vietnam

Pham Van Gioi; Hans-Ulrich Graser; Nguyen Van Duc; Tran Trong Them; Tran Trung Thong; Nguyen Van Trung; Dang Dinh Trung; Tran Minh Dang and co-workers (2012). "Variance and covariance components of lactation milk yield, body weight and calving interval for Vietnamese purebred Holstein Fresian cattle under intensive systems." (non-refereed)