Breeding Focus 2016

Improving Welfare

topics and speakers


  1. “How can we measure welfare of animals on farms?”   Andrew Fisher (University of Melbourne)

  2. “Breeding for improved welfare in pigs”   Susanne Hermesch (AGBU)

  3. “Breeding sows better suited to group housing”   Kim Bunter (AGBU)

  4. “Farming dinosaurs: the unique welfare challenges of farming crocodilians”   Sally Isberg (Centre for Crocodile Research)

  5. “Breeding polled in cattle Australia”   Natalie Connors (AGBU)

  6. “Breeding for welfare traits in dairy cattle”   Jennie Price (DEDTJR) and Mary Abdelsayed (Holstein Australia)

  7. “Livestock breeding and welfare– reflections on ethical issues”   Imke Tammen (University of Sydney)

  8. “Improving the temperament of Australian cattle and implications for animal welfare”   Sam Walkom (AGBU)

  9. “Selection for immune competence in beef breeding programs”   Sonja Dominik and Brad Hine (CSIRO Agriculture and Food)

  10. “Genomic prediction for footrot in sheep”   Cecilia Esquivelzeta-Rabell, Kim Bunter, Daniel Brown (AGBU) and Mark Ferguson (NZ Merino)

  11. “Breeding for breech strike resistance in Merino sheep”   Jen Smith (CSIRO Agriculture and Food)

Multiple species - Think outside the box - Focus on interaction