Dr Kim Bunter has been appointed as AGBU's Deputy Director.

WCGALP 2022 is going hybrid on 3 – 8th July 2022. More details are available here.

AAABG 2021 was held from 2 - 4 November in Adelaide and at hubs around the country. Full proceedings and individual papers are available for download.

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University of New England
NSW 2351
Fax: 02 6773 3266

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AGBU is a joint venture between the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and University of New England (UNE). For over 45 years AGBU has been researching the genetics of livestock and how to breed better animals and plants and we are regarded as one of the world leaders in R&D of genetic evaluation systems for cattle and sheep.

Using massive datasets on animals and plants worldwide and creating highly complicated algorithms, our team delivers knowledge and tools that help breeders identify the best animals and plants. Through our partners, this information is then made available and useful for breeders and producers in all industries.

Our research areas

  • cattle
  • sheep
  • pigs
  • QTL

Our products

Breedplan Breedplan Pigblup