Breeding Focus 2022

Improving Adoption

The fifth workshop in the Breeding Focus series will be held in Armidale on the 10th and 11th of May 2022 to explore and discuss avenues to improve adoption of tools and strategies used for genetic improvement of livestock and aquaculture such as:

The workshop will be held at the Armidale Bowling Club.  Registration is $395 per person or $350 for students.  This will include morning and afternoon teas, lunches and the conference dinner which will be held on the evening of the 10th at the Bowling Club.

Talks will commence at 10.30 on the 10th May and will finish at 3.00pm on the 11th.

A range of accommodation options are available in Armidale and we suggest you visit

Please contact us to make arrangements for accompanying non-delegates or for information on special dietary requirements.

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Bringing diverse perspectives together from across the livestok and aquaculture industries


Individual papers from Breeding Focus 2021 Improving Reproduction, Breeding Focus 2018 Reducing Heat Stress, Breeding Focus 2016 Improving Welfare and Breeding Focus 2014 Improving Resilience are available to download and the workshop books can also be purchased.