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Breeding Focus 2018 - Reducing Heat Stress

The third workshop in the Breeding Focus series will be held in Armidale on the 19th and 20th of September 2018. The topic of this workshop is Reducing Heat Stress in livestock, plants and aquaculture. The physiological and economic consequences of heat stress will be outlined and strategies to reduce the impact of heat stress will be presented. Without doubt, these presentations will stimulate discussions among participants from the scientific and industry communities as has been the case at previous workshops

Registration for Breeding Focus 2018 is now open and more details are available.




Breeding Focus 2016 - Improving Welfare

The second in the Breeding Focus series was held in Armidale in September 2016 and brought together participants and speakers from a range of species and backgrounds to consider how welfare can be enhanced through management and selective breeding. Topics presented at the workshop have been published as a book "Breeding Focus 2016 – Improving Welfare” which is available for purchase. Abstracts of the papers are available as a pdf and individual papers can also be downloaded.

Chapter 1 How can we measure welfare of animals on farms?   Andrew Fisher

Chapter 2 Breeding for welfare traits in dairy cattle    Jennie E. Pryce, Mary Abdelsayed and Michelle Axford

Chapter 3 Improving the temperament of Australian cattle and implications for animal welfare    Sam F. Walkom

Chapter 4 Selection for immune competence in beef breeding programs modelled on potential reductions in the incidence of bovine respiratory disease    Sonja Dominik and Brad C. Hine

Chapter 5 Breeding polled cattle in Australia    Natalie K. Connors and Bruce Tier

Chapter 6 Farming dinosaur cousins: the unique welfare challenges of farming
    Sally R. Isberg

Chapter 7 Breeding for improved welfare of growing pigs    Susanne Hermesch

Chapter 8 Breeding sows better suited to group housing    Kim L. Bunter, Craig R.G. Lewis and Scott Newman

Chapter 9 Using genomic prediction for footrot resistance in sheep based on case-control industry data    Cecilia Esquivelzeta-Rabell, Kim L. Bunter, Daniel J. Brown, Mark Ferguson

Chapter 10 Livestock breeding and welfare– reflections on ethical issues    Imke Tammen

Breeding Focus 2014 - Improving Resilience

Breeding Focus 2014This international forum, hosted by AGBU and CSIRO, was developed to extend opportunity for exchange between industry, breeders and researchers in the livestock and aquaculture industries. Genetic improvement of resilience was the topic for Breeding Focus 2014, which was the first of an ongoing series of Breeding Focus.

Topics presented at the workshop have been published as a book “Breeding Focus 2014 – Improving resilience” which can be purchased from AGBU. Abstracts of the papers are available as a pdf and individual papers can also be downloaded.

Chapter 1 Breeding disease resilient pigs    Susanne Hermesch

Chapter 2 Inferring genetic resilience of animals to infectious pathogens – opportunities and pitfalls    Andrea B. Doeschl-Wilson and Graham Lough

Chapter 3 On-farm measures to monitor the health and immune status of pigs    Alison M. Collins

Chapter 4 Immune competence in livestock    Brad C. Hine, Bonnie A. Mallard, Aaron B. Ingham and Ian G. Colditz

Chapter 5 Performance and resilience of poultry in Thailand    Siriporn Tongsiri and M. Gilbert Jeyaruban

Chapter 6 Breeding Sydney rock oysters and its effects on resilience    Wayne A. O’Connor, Michael C. Dove, Emma L. Thompson, Laura M. Parker, Pauline M. Ross and David A. Raftos

Chapter 7 Breeding barramundi for resilience in the face of global climate change    Dean R. Jerry, Carolyn S.K. Smith-Keune, Lauren Hodgson and Jeremy van der Waal

Chapter 8 Genetic variation of handling resilience of Tasmanian Atlantic salmon affected by amoebic gill disease (AGD)    Richard S. Taylor, Peter D. Kube, Brad S. Evans and Nick G. Elliott

Chapter 9 Resilience, tolerance, robustness and genotype x environment interaction in Merino sheep breeding    Sonja Dominik and Andrew A. Swan

Chapter 10 Robustness as a breeding objective for sheep in New Zealand    Mark J. Young and Beverley C. Thomson

Chapter 11 Breeding for resilience and resistance in Merino sheep     Sam F. Walkom and Daniel J. Brown


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