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Recent Journal Articles

Banks, R (2022). Long-term Challenges for Animal Breeding. In: Meyers, R.A. (eds) Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology. Springer, New York, NY.

Banks, R G (2022). Evolution of genetics organisations’ strategies through the implementation of genomic selection: learnings and prospects. Agriculture 12(10): 1524

Charlesworth, B; Goddard, M E; Meyer, K; Visscher, P M; Weir, B S and Wray, N R (2022). From Mendel to quantitative genetics in the genome era: the scientific legacy of W. G. Hill. Nature Genetics 54(7): 934-939

Nel, C; Gurman, P M; Swan, A A; ven der Werf, J H J; Snyman, M; Dzama, K; Gore, K P; Scholtz, A and Cloete, S (2022). The genomic structure of isolation across breed, country and strain for important South African and Australian sheep populations. BMC Genomics 23: 23

Samaraweera, A M; van der Werf, J H J; Boerner, V and Hermesch, S (2022). Economic values for production, fertility and mastitis traits for temperate dairy cattle breeds in tropical Sri Lanka. Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics 139: 330-341

Samaraweera, A M; Boerner, V; van der Werf, J H J; Disnaka, S and Hermesch, S (2022).  Genetic associations between mastitis, milk electrical conductivity, and milk flow rate in temperate dairy cows in the tropics.  Livestock Science 264: 105064

Vargas Jurado, N; Notter, D R; Taylor, J B; Brown, D J; Mousel, M R and Lewis, R M (2022).  Model definition for genetic evaluation of purebred and crossbred lambs including heterosis.  Journal of Animal Science 100(6); 1-14

Vargovic, L; Harper, J and Bunter, K L (2022). Traits defining sow lifetime maternal performance Animal 12(18): 2451 

Vargovic, L; Athorn, R Z; Hermesch, S and Bunter, K L (2022). Improving sow welfare and outcomes in the farrowing house by identifying early indicators from pre-farrowing assessment. Journal of Animal Science 100(11): 1-13

Wahinya, P K; Jeyaruban, M G; Swan, A A and van der Werf, J H J (2022). Breeding objectives for dairy cattle under low, medium and high production systems in the tropics. Animal 16(5): 100513

Wahinya, P K; Jeyaruban, G M; Swan, A A and van der Werf, J H J (2022).  Optimization of Dairy Cattle Breeding Programs with Genotype by Environment Interaction in Kenya. Agriculture 12(8): 1274

Wahinya, P K; Oddy, V H; Dominik, S; Brown, D J; Macleay, C A; Paganoni, B;

Thompson, A N; Donaldson, A J; Austin, K; Cameron, M and van der Werf, J H J (2022).  Genetic parameters for methane emissions in Australian sheep measured in portable accumulation chambers in grazing and controlled environments.  Animal Production Science 62(9): 818-827

Walkom, S F; Bunter, K L; Raadsma, H W; Gurman, P M; Brown, D J; Gibson, W; Wilding, E and Ferguson, M B (2022).  Development of

breeding values for susceptibility to virulent footrot in sheep: A strategy to

accommodate variable disease progression at time of scoring.  Animal 16(5): 100514


Breeding Focus series, available for purchase or download

Breeding Focus 2021 - Improving Reproduction

Breeding Focus 2018 - Reducing Heat Stress

Breeding Focus 2016 - Improving Welfare

Breeding Focus 2014 - Improving Resilience

Recent Conference Papers

12th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 3-8 July 2022:

Alexandri, P; Walkom, S F; Swan, A A; van der Werf, J H J and Brown, D J

(2022).  Value of data from ram breeding flocks as an industry reference population for Australian sheep. Paper 29_014

Banks, R G (2022).  Strategies to support phenotyping for genomic selection R&D and implementation in beef and sheep

industries. Paper 45_001

Brown, D J; McCrabb, E J; Bradley, P E; Rose, I J; Banks, R G and Guy, S Z Y (2022)The Data Quality Score: objective assessment of data quality for Australian sheep breeders.  Paper 34_002

Chapman, N C; Frost, E A and Banks, R G (2022).  A model for, and early implementation of, genomic selection in the Australian honey bee population. Paper 53_003

Dehnavi, E and Swan, A A (2022).  Enhancement of the Terminal Carcass Production index to incorporate birth weight and lambing ease in Australian sheep. Paper 51_010

Ferdosi, M H; Masoodi, S and Khansefid, M (2022).  Efficient algorithms to identify duplicated genotypes in large datasets. Paper 30_004

Frost, E A; Chapman, N C; Banks, R G; Walkom, S F and Hermesch, S (2022).  Economic value and production characteristics of table honey. Paper 53_001

Gurman, P G; Li, L; Swan, A A; Moghaddar, N and van der Werf, J H J (2022).  Variance component estimation for single-step genomic BLUP for Australian terminal sire sheep. Paper 19_013

Guy, S Z Y; Mortimer, S I; Pannier, L; McGilchrist, P; Brown, D J; Pethick, D and Swan, A A (2022).  Genetic selection for sensory eating quality of lamb using consumer assessments. Paper 29_012

Hermesch, S and Isberg, S R (2022). Economic values for skin grade, days to market and number of hatchlings in the Australian saltwater crocodile industry. Paper 37_015

Sharif-Islam, M; van der Werf, J H J; Henryon, M; Chu, T T; Wood, B J and Hermesch, S (2022). Genotyping dead animals improves post-weaning

survival of pigs in breeding programs. Paper 68_010

Johnston, D J; Ferdosi, M H; Cook, J and Savage, D B (2022). Polled Accelerator - a unique application of genomic technologies to address a beef breeding challenge. Paper 45_005

McMillan, A J; Brown, D J; Burke, J M; Morgan, J and Lewis, R M (2022). Cross-validation of single-step genetic evaluation in U.S. Katahdin sheep. Paper 29_002

Meyer, K (2022).  Accounting for trait-specific genomic and residual polygenic covariances in multivariate single-step genomic evaluation.  Paper 36_007

Miller, S P and Retallick, K J (2022).  Breeding for a future social license for beef production.  Paper 03_008

Moore, K L; Ferdosi, M H; Girard, C G; Walkom, S F and Johnston, D J (2022).  A metric to assess Australian beef cattle reference population suitability for genomic section.  Paper 08_008

Samaraweera, A M; van der Werf, J H J; Boerner, V and Hermesch, S (2022).  Response to index selection for temperate dairy cattle breeds in tropical Sri Lanka.  Paper 55_008

Sarker, N R; Walmsley, B J and Hermesch, S (2022). Improving carcase value by incorporating primal weights into beef breeding objectives.  Paper 51_004

Soleimani, T; Hermesch, S and Gilbert, H (2022).  Life cycle assessment to predict individual environmental impacts: towards selection for sustainable pig production.   Paper 74_001

Van Eenennaam, A L and Hermesch, S (2022).  History and author analysis of the World Congresses on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production.  Paper 31_001

Vargovic, L; Bunter, K L and Hermesch, S (2022).  The value of innate sow appetite as a model trait for maternal breeding objectives.  Paper 68_003

Walmsley, B J (2022).  Consequences of using different economic selection index methods on greenhouse gas emissions in beef cattle.  Paper 62_008

34th Biennial Conference of the Australian Association of Animal Sciences, Cairns, Queensland, 3-8 July 2022:

Brown, D J; Gurman, P M and Swan, A A (2022).  Genetic benchmarking of carcase traits in Terminal sheep flocks possible with genomic testing. pp. xx

Campbell, J and Johnston, D J (2022).  Genetics of heifer puberty and growth in tropically adapted beef breeds.  pp. lxiii

Grant, T and Johnston, D J (2022).  Poll genotype or phenotype are not associated with growth performance in tropical beef breeds.  pp. lxxvi

Walkom, S F and Swan, A A (2022).  Using historic data to understand the cost of an extra condition score in sheep AAAS. pp. xii