A program to facilitate analyses fitting a linear, mixed model via restricted maximum likelihood (REML). The software is free to download.


The national genetic evaluation system for pigs that uses pedigree and performance data through BLUP methods to derive estimated breeding values across a range of performance and reproductive traits.


Designed to make complex statistical methods accessible and easy to use, it is the leading genetic evaluation system for tree and plant improvement. It will estimate breeding and genetic values for tree species, and can be adapted to do the same for any species of plant.


The BREEDPLAN genetic evaluation service is provided to both Australian and international clients of ABRI and so represents the most widely used genetic evaluation service for beef cattle internationally.

The BREEDPLAN software has been developed by AGBU.

Sheep Genetics

Sheep Genetics is a not-for-profit service operated by MLA.

AGBU is responsible for the research and development of the Sheep Genetics evaluations and runs the Sheep Genetics analysis and routine evaluations.


BreedObject combines the BREEDPLAN EBVs of an animal with an economic weighting on each individual trait (based on costs of production and returns on output) to produce a single selection index value for each animal.

The BreedObject software has been developed by AGBU.