Pig Genetics Information Sheets

Pig performance can be improved greatly by using pigs with a higher genetic potential. However, the potential benefits of using superior genetics are not always fully understood. It is therefore the aim of the AGBU Pig Genetics Info sheets to provide general information about pig genetics. Information sheets will be available for the following topics.


This information will specifically outline features of PIGBLUP and is mostly of interest to current and potential PIGBLUP users.

     PIGBLUP1: Genetic evaluation systems for pigs used in Australia

     PBSELECT1: The online PIGBLUP service

Practical pig breeding – purebred populations

Practical aspects of selecting superior pigs within purebred populations will be described.

     Breeder1: Benefits of using PIGBLUP in pig breeding programs

     Breeder2: Selection strategies for increased litter size and reduced litter mortality

     Breeder3: Sow reproductive performance - Selection for litter size only is not enough

     Breeder4: Boar EBVs predict differences in average progeny performance better than the
                       boar's own performance

     Breeder5: Evaluating trial designs for a proof of EBVs demonstration

Practical pig breeding – crossbred populations

The emphasis is to demonstrate the economic benefits of using superior genetics. Producers will find this information most useful.

     Producer1: EBVs are a better predictor of genetic differences between pigs than
                         performance records

     Producer2: EBVs can only be compared from the same genetic evaluation

     Producer3: Using EBVs to select replacement stock improves profitability

     Producer4: Demonstrating estimated breeding values - a case study

     Producer5: Comparing AI boar selection strategies

     Producer6: From 28 to 32 piglets per farrowed sow per year in 5 years - A case study
                         from France

The National Pig Improvement Program (NPIP)

Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) are the most accurate information about the genetic merit of an animal. EBVs from the NPIP will be displayed for boars available in AI stations along with other news from the NPIP.

The latest information about EBVs for AI boars is available from the web pages of the NPIP.

     NPIP1: The National Pig Improvement Program

Contributions to other resources

Fact sheets from Industry & Investment NSW.

     Primefact 62: Breeds of pigs - Large White

     Primefact 63: Breeds of pigs - Landrace

     Primefact 64: Breeds of pigs - Duroc

InnovatE articles from Australian Pork.

     February 2008: Towards higher feed intake of sows during lactation

     November 2008: AGBU Pig Genetics Workshop