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Abstracts and individual papers from Breeding Focus 2021 Improving Reproduction are available to download and the workshop book can also be purchased.


Pig Genetics

AGBU has a strong tradition in research and development of pig genetics. The genetic foundation of reproduction, production, carcase and meat quality traits has been researched, as has the detection of Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL), the use of gene markers, genotype by environment (ie. nutrition, feeding levels, countries) interactions, feeding behaviour of group housed pigs and analysis of crossbreeding data. Visiting scientists from across the world have participated in some of this research.

AGBU prepares material for extension and training purposes including the Pig Genetics Information sheets, and hosts workshops every two years and regularly attract overseas visitors. We are responsible for the development and support of the genetic evaluation system PIGBLUP, a program that is used worldwide, and provide confidential consultancy services to the majority of Australian pig breeding companies.

Our scientists engaged in pig research

Kim Bunter (Principal Scientist)

Kim is investigating strategies for genetic improvement of maternal performance, longevity and survival and addressing implementation issues for effective breeding program development.

02 6773 3788


Susanne Hermesch (Principal Scientist)

Susanne works on genetic improvement of pork production, in particular on developing selection strategies for robustness and disease resilience.

02 6773 3787


Li Li (Senior Scientist)

Li was involved in part of the pork CRC research project "Quantifying variation in environments within and across herds" and contributes to further developments of PIGBLUP.

02 6773 3790


Laura Vargovic (Research Fellow)

Laura works on PIGBLUP, improvements in reproduction, piglet survival, longevity, health and welfare of sows, feed intake and feed behaviour, and breeding program design.

02 6773 5268