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An article by AGBU PhD student, Sarita Guy, on Breeding Focus 2016 and the Pig Genetics Workshop has been published in the Australian Pork Newspaper.

AGBU has just hosted Breeding Focus 2016 Improving Welfare. Discussions covered cattle, sheep, pigs, ethics and crocodiles. Have a look at photos and comments on our facebook and twitter links.

Breeding Focus 2014: Improving Resilience
This industry workshop was held at the end of October 2014 and provided a discussion forum for over 40 scientists, breeders and representatives from the livestock and aquaculture industries.

The topics presented at the workshop have been published as a book “Breeding Focus 2014 – Improving resilience” which can be purchased from AGBU. Abstracts of the papers are available as a pdf and individual papers can also be downloaded.


Pig Genetics Presentations


"Improving piglet survival - Implications of selection strategies".

    by Susanne Hermesch

"Genetic analyses of haemoglobin levels in pigs and iron content in pork".

    by Susanne Hermesch and Rob Jones

"Towards more uniform pig performance".

    by Craig Lewis

"Challenges in pig breeding in the next decade"

    by Susanne Hermesch (at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences in Aas, Norway)

"Selection for residual feed intake in the growing pig - Responses for carcase composition and meat quality traits"

    by Helene Gilbert (Visiting Scientist from INRA France 17 March 2010)

"Comparing selection strategies of AI boars – BLUP selection is superior"

    by Rob Jones and Susanne Hermesch

"Exploring variation in saleable meat yield"

    by Susanne Hermesch (AGBU) and Isabelle Mérour (IFIP)

"The importance of recording feed intake in lactating sows"

    by Susanne Hermesch, Rob Jones and Kim Bunter, AGBU

"Physiological consequences of selection for increased performance in pigs"

    by Dr Wendy Rauw, Department of Animal Biotechnology, University of Nevada, Reno, USA.