Pig Genetics Workshop, November 7-8, 2001

Table of Contents

A.L. Henzell, PIGBLUP Version 5.00, AGBU. (View)

R. Crump, The National Pig Improvement Program, AGBU. (View)

J.R. Walters, Commercial needs and the delivery of genetic improvement - success or failure?, UPB Europe Ltd. (View)

R. Crump & B. Tier, Mate Selection, AGBU. (View)

S. Hermesch, Genetic analysis of individual piglet traits together with juvenile IGF-1 and performance traits, AGBU. (View)

S. Hermesch, Avenues for genetic improvement of litter size and litter mortality, AGBU. (View)

J. McSweeny, Evaluation of an electronic feeder system used in group-housed pigs, AGBU. (View)

A. Huisman, Random regression models, a novel approach to growth curves, Animal Breeding and Genetics Group, Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences, Wageningen University. (View)

K. Bunter, Use of Juvenile IGF-1 in Breeding Programs, AGBU. (View)

R.J. Kerr 1, Y. Chen & C. Moran 2, A review of Quantitative trait loci in pigs, 1 AGBU, 2 Reprogen, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney, NSW. (View)

C. Moran, Mapping and exploiting economically important genes in Australian pigs, Centre for Advanced Technologies in Animal Genetics and Reproduction (REPOGEN) University of Sydney. (View)