Pig Genetics Workshop, March 26-27, 2003

Table of Contents

R. Crump & A.L. Henzell, PIGBLUP Version 5.10, AGBU. (View)

J. R. Walters & J.D. Mackinnon, European experience with post-weaning multi-systematic wasting syndrome (PWMS) and porcine dermatitis and nephropathy syndrome, International Consultants in Pig Breeding and Health.(View)

C. Bennett 1 & K. Bunter 2, Heritability estimates for conformation traits in pigs, 1 QAF Meat Industries, 2 AGBU. (View)

K. Bunter 1 & U. Wuensch 2, Juvenile IGF-I: an update, 1 AGBU, 2 Pig Breeding Association of Middle Germany. (View)

R. Crump & S. Hermesch, National pig improvement program, AGBU. (View)

J. McSweeny 1, S. Hermesch & R. Crump 2, Genetic analysis of feeding pattern traits in pigs, 1 Genetic Solutions, 2 AGBU. (View)

J.R. Walters, How important is feed intake? UPB Europe Ltd. (View)

S. Hermesch, Feed intake in group housed pigs - considerations for breeding programs, AGBU. (View)

R. Giles 1, R. Lansdowne 2 & K. James 3, Measurement of temperament in pigs, 1 NSW Agriculture, 2 Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney, 3 NSW Agriculture. (View)

H. Graser, Investigating the use of 'flight time' in commercial nucleus herds, AGBU. (View)

C. Moran, QTL detection and utilisation in pigs, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney. (View)