Pig Genetics Workshop, October 24-25, 2012

Table of Contents

H-U. Graser, Looking back into the future, AGBU. (View)

C. Moran, Looking back to move forward – a personal perspective on pig molecular genetics from RFLPs to nextgen sequencing, University of Sydney. (View)

A.A. Swan, Genomic selection in the Australian sheep industry, AGBU. (View)

S. Hermesch 1, K.M. Tickle 2 and A.K. Lealiifano 2, Variation in weights of primal pork cuts, 1 AGBU, 2 Rivalea (Australia). (View)

P. Tabuaciri, K.L Bunter and H-U. Graser, Thermal imaging as a potential tool for identifying piglets at risk, AGBU. (View)

S. Hermesch 1 and K.M. Tickle 2, Recording haemoglobin levels in sows, piglets and growing pigs on farm , 1 AGBU, 2 Rivalea (Australia). (View)

K.L. Bunter, Breeding sows better suited to group housing, AGBU. (View)

S. Hermesch C.I. Ludemann 2 and P.R. Amer 2, PigEV – a new tool to derive economic values for pigs, 1 AGBU, 2 AbacusBio Ltd. (View)

L. Li and S. Hermesch, Genotypes differ in their response to variation in environments experienced by pigs on farm, AGBU. (View)

S.Z.Y. Guy 1, P.C. Thomson 1 and S. Hermesch 2, Breeding tolerant pigs for health and productivity,1 University of Sydney, 2 AGBU. (View)

S. Hermesch, Breeding pigs with improved disease resilience, AGBU. (View)

J.R. Walters, Genetic analyses of traditional breeds – the UK experience, UPB Genetic World. (View)