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Breeding Focus 2018 will be held in Armidale on 19 & 20 September. The focus of the workshop will be Reducing Heat Stress.

Topics presented at Breeding Focus 2016 Improving Welfare and Breeding Focus 2014 Improving Resilience were published into books which are available for purchase from AGBU. Abstracts of the papers for 2014 and 2016 are available as a pdfs and individual papers can also be downloaded.


Pig Genetics Clinic II, August 29-31, 1993

Table of Contents

T. Long, National Genetic Evaluation Programs in the USA, AGBU. (View)

H. Brandt, National Genetic Evaluation Systems in Germany, University of Gottingen, Germany. (View)

H-U. Graser, Modern Genetic Evaluation Procedures, Why BLUP?, AGBU. (View)

T. Henzell, What's New in PIGBLUP?, AGBU. (View)

T. Long, Determining Inputs to $INDEX to Optimise Breeding Goals, AGBU. (View)

T. Long, Using the Genetic Audit and Mate Selection Modules to Enhance your Genetic Progress, AGBU. (View)

H. Brandt, Progeny test for AI-sires based on field results, Institute of Animal Science, University of Gottingen, Germany. (View)

H. Brandt, Across-breed Analyses, Institute of Animal Science, University of Gottingen, Germany. (View)

T. Long, Across-Herd Genetic Evaluations, AGBU. (View)