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Breeding Focus 2018 Reducing Heat Stress was held in Armidale on 19 & 20 September.

Topics presented at Breeding Focus 2018 Reducing Heat Stress, Breeding Focus 2016 Improving Welfare and Breeding Focus 2014 Improving Resilience were published into books which are available for purchase from AGBU. Abstracts of the papers for 2014, 2016 and 2018 are available as a pdfs and individual papers can also be downloaded.


Pig Genetics Workshop, October 22-23, 2008

Table of Contents

A. Henzell, PIGBLUP version 6.00, AGBU. (View).

S. Hermesch, Adoption of further traits to increase genetic gain in the $Index, AGBU. (View)

D. Marois & M. Larochelle, Genetic selection on number of teats, Génétiporc. (View)

R. Walters 1 and J Wiseman 2, Science delivery and cost in the pig industry – the British experience, 1 Livestock Genetics Ltd., 2 University of Nottingham. (View)

I. Mérour, Selection for carcase composition and meat quality in the national pig breeding program in France, IFIP. (View)

R. Jones & S. Hermesch, When pigs fly; what does it mean?, AGBU. (View)

R. Jones & S. Hermesch, Group characteristics influence the performance of individual commercially raised pigs, AGBU. (View)

S. Hermesch, R. Jones & K. Bunter, Feed intake of sows during lactation has genetic relationships with growth and lifetime performance of sows, AGBU. (View)

K. Bunter 1, R. Smits 2, B. Luxford 2 & S. Hermesch 1, Sow body composition and its associations with reproductive and litter growth performance of the primiparous sow, 1 AGBU, 2 QAF Meat Industries. (View)

I. Mérour 1 & S. Hermesch 2, Variation and trends for weight of individual carcase cuts, 1 IFIP, 2 AGBU. (View)

B. Kinghorn, Genomic selection – potential for pig breeding, AGBU. (View)

R. Walters, Future global sustainability and responsibility – What role for pig genetics?, Livestock Genetics Ltd. (View)