Breeding Focus 2014

Improving Resilience

This international forum, hosted by AGBU and CSIRO, was developed to extend opportunity for exchange between industry, breeders and researchers in the livestock and aquaculture industries. Genetic improvement of resilience was the topic for Breeding Focus 2014, which was the first of an ongoing series of Breeding Focus.

Topics presented at the workshop have been published as a book "Breeding Focus 2014 – Improving resilience” which is available for purchase. Abstracts of the papers can be downloaded as can individual chapters.

Chapter 1 Breeding disease resilient pigs    Susanne Hermesch

Chapter 4 Immune competence in livestock    Brad C. Hine, Bonnie A. Mallard, Aaron B. Ingham and Ian G. Colditz

Chapter 5 Performance and resilience of poultry in Thailand    Siriporn Tongsiri and M. Gilbert Jeyaruban

Chapter 6 Breeding Sydney rock oysters and its effects on resilience    Wayne A. O’Connor, Michael C. Dove, Emma L. Thompson, Laura M. Parker, Pauline M. Ross and David A. Raftos

Chapter 7 Breeding barramundi for resilience in the face of global climate change    Dean R. Jerry, Carolyn S.K. Smith-Keune, Lauren Hodgson and Jeremy van der Waal

Chapter 8 Genetic variation of handling resilience of Tasmanian Atlantic salmon affected by amoebic gill disease (AGD)    Richard S. Taylor, Peter D. Kube, Brad S. Evans and Nick G. Elliott

Chapter 10 Robustness as a breeding objective for sheep in New Zealand    Mark J. Young and Beverley C. Thomson

Chapter 11 Breeding for resilience and resistance in Merino sheep     Sam F. Walkom and Daniel J. Brown