Postgraduate Research students

Current Students

Abadi Amare Reda

PhD thesis title:

Abdul Khan

Masters thesis title: Development of economic selection index to improve chickpea breeding for Australian environments

Dirk van Winden

PhD thesis title:

Elandri de Bruyn

PhD thesis title:

Elizabeth Frost

Masters thesis title: Development of strategies to improve honey production

Erin Smith

PhD thesis title: Genetic improvement of wool characteristics

Goodness Adebo

PhD thesis title: Phytophthora resistance vs. height and root mass costs to Cicer echinospermum based resistance

Kia Nikoumanesh

PhD thesis title: Genetic improvement of canola

Richard Olayiwola

PhD thesis title: Exploring genetic diversity for genetic improvement opportunities in the Chickpea Breeding Australia (CBA) program

Shweta Sahoo

PhD thesis title: New strategies to define genetic groups in breeding programs for Australian sheep

Yaser Fazel

PhD thesis title: Investigation of genomic prediction in multi-breed population for the Australian beef industry

Zeinab Manzari

PhD thesis title: Identifying the genetics behind economic traits in Australian livestock

Completed Students

Shariful Islam

PhD completed in 2024

Evaluating use of genomic selection in pig breeding

Joanne Harper

PhD completed in 2023

The genetics of survival in growing pigs

Lino de la Cruz Colin

PhD completed in 2023

Development of a sheep breeding program for Mexico

Nipa Sarker

PhD completed in 2022

Genetic improvement of carcase value in pigs and beef

Siriporn Tongsiri

PhD completed in 2022

Development of breeding strategies to improve growth and egg production in a dual purpose native chicken breed in Thailand

Malshani Samaweera

PhD completed in 2020

Optimisation of dairy cattle breeding programmes in Sri Lanka to Improve heat tolerance

Laura Vargovic

PhD completed in 2020

Pre-farrowing health and welfare assessment of sows

Peter Wahinya

PhD completed in 2020

Strategies for genetic improvement of dairy cattle under extensive, semi-intensive and intensive production systems in Kenya

Mohammad Ferdosi

PhD completed in 2016

Efficient algorithms for using genotypic data

Joanna Newton

PhD completed in 2015

Sexual maturity and yearling reproductive performance in ewes: Genetic analysis and implications for breeding programs

Siriporn Tongsiri

Masters completed in 2015

Selection strategies to improve the production potential of layer chickens in Thailand

Robert Jones

Masters completed in 2013

Genetic parameters for lamb autopsy traits

Poaca Tabuaciri

PhD completed in 2013

Improving pre-weaning survival of piglets through genetic selection and management

Matthew Wolcott

PhD completed in 2013

Opportunities for selection to improve steer and cow productivity in northern Australia

Adrian Hathorn

PhD completed in 2010

The use of genotypic information for the genetic improvement of Pinus radiata

Orwell Marobela

Masters completed in 2010

Developing breeding objectives for Tswana sheep in Botswana

Mohammad Khusro

PhD completed in 2009

The effect of linkage and genetic grouping on the accuracy of across-flock genetic evaluation in Australian Merino sheep

Kirsty Moore

PhD completed in 2009

Methods and models for the accurate estimation of the effects of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) in beef cattle

Mei Mei Ding

PhD completed in 2008

The analysis of genotype by environment interaction in Pinus Radiata of southern Australia

Anna Hansson

Masters completed in 2008

Potential for genetic improvement of Sydney Rock Oysters

Christopher Worsnop

Masters completed in 2008

Estimation of breeding values for animals selectively slaughtered

Alex Woolaston

PhD completed in 2007

Statistical methods to interpret genotypic data

Sansak Nakavisut

PhD completed in 2006

Estimation of genetic parameters for pig populations in government breeding herds in Thailand

Matias Suárez

Masters completed in 2006

Research into a crossbreeding program that uses hyperprolific sows