Breeding Focus 2016

Improving Welfare

The second in the Breeding Focus series was held in Armidale in September 2016 and brought together participants and speakers from a range of species and backgrounds to consider how welfare can be enhanced through management and selective breeding. 

Topics presented at the workshop have been published as a book "Breeding Focus 2016 – Improving Welfare” which is available for purchase. Abstracts of the papers can be downloaded as can individual chapters.

Chapter 2 Breeding for welfare traits in dairy cattle    Jennie E. Pryce, Mary Abdelsayed and Michelle Axford

Chapter 5 Breeding polled cattle in Australia    Natalie K. Connors and Bruce Tier

Chapter 7 Breeding for improved welfare of growing pigs    Susanne Hermesch

Chapter 8 Breeding sows better suited to group housing    Kim L. Bunter, Craig R.G. Lewis and Scott Newman

Chapter 9 Using genomic prediction for footrot resistance in sheep based on case-control industry data    Cecilia Esquivelzeta-Rabell, Kim L. Bunter, Daniel J. Brown, Mark Ferguson