Our Team

Kim Bunter

Deputy Director

Phone: +61 2 6773 3788

Email: kbunter2@une.edu.au

Dr Kim Bunter is the Deputy Director of the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU). Kim completed her PhD in animal breeding in 2002 (UNE). She has a long history at AGBU conducting research and development activities behind Australia’s state of the art national genetic evaluation systems, such as Sheep Genetics, Breedplan and PigBLUP, and has also contributed to implementation of effective breeding programs within the major livestock industries.

She has conducted research in numerous species, including intensive (pigs), extensive (beef cattle and sheep), novel (ostriches) and aquatic (oysters, shrimp) species. Kim has initiated many projects as principal investigator and has participated in many other projects (internal and external) as a co-investigator. Kim has over 200 publications in conference proceedings, journals, book chapters, reports and articles and >1450 citations (Google scholar). She has chaired sessions and presented talks on her research as an invited speaker both in Australia and internationally, and is an expert reviewer for many high impact journals. Kim has been included in scientific advisory and technical groups within the Pork CRC and Sheep Genetics. As a specialist advisor, she has evaluated research projects for funding bodies and consults to private companies. Kim has particular interest in improving reproductive performance and welfare of livestock.