AGBU Summit 2023

Livestock Sustainability Indexes

Held 12 September 2023


Dr Steve Miller, Director AGBU


Dr Robert Banks, Scientific Oversight, Global Methane Hub

Carbon Neutral 2030

Sarah Strachan, MLA

Methane in indexes: Brief history, global status,

and future

Dr Michael Aldridge, AGBU

What livestock indexes do we have now?

Dr Brad Walmsley, AGBU/DPI

What livestock indexes do we have now?

Prof. Andrew Swan, AGBU

Implementation for lower methane breeding

Dr Michael Aldridge, AGBU

Selecting for more methane efficient sheep

Prof. Julius van der Werf, UNE

Building a reference dataset for methane traits in beef cattle

Assoc. Prof. Sam Clark, UNE

Reducing emissions from Northern Beef and the CRC for Zero Net Emission from Australian Agriculture

Prof. Ben Hayes, UQ

Biotechnology and genetics to tackle sustainability

Prof. Alison Van Eenennaam, UC Davis

Industry Panel Discussion

Christian Duff, Angus Australia

Matthew Kelly, AACO

Geoff Lindon, AWI

Michael Crowley, Herefords Australia

Olivia Lawson, Paringa Livestock

Grant Burbidge, Burbidge Farms

Darryl Savage, NAPCo


Dr Steve Miller


Dr Robert Banks