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Breeding Focus 2021 Improving Reproduction Registrations are open for the fourth workshop in the Breeding Focus series being held in Armidale on 11 & 12 May.


Pig Genetics Workshops

Until 2012, the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit held regular pig genetics workshops to demonstrate the latest PIGBLUP developments and present research findings. These workshops were held every 2 years in Armidale, and PIGBLUP users from Australia and overseas regularly attended to discuss a wide range of topics related to genetic improvement of pig production.

The last workshop was held in Armidale on 24 and 25 October 2012. For a news article on the workshop click here.

Papers presented at the Pig Genetics Workshops can be viewed by following the links below.

Tables of contents

Topics covered

  1. Pig genetics – general
  2. Breeding objectives
  3. Genetic evaluations
  4. Proof of profit
  5. Molecular genetics
  6. Selection and mate allocation
  7. Genetics of reproductive traits of the sow
  8. Genetics of performance traits including feed intake and feed conversion ratio
  9. Genetics of carcase composition and meat quality traits
  10. Genetics of behaviour and conformation traits

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